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Feng Shui A Living Room: Before and After

"This room needs new life" was the request to the students from Interior Design Program at North Shore Community College (Danvers, MA) enrolled in the Feng Shui for Interior Design course (Spring 2012). Thisbeforepicture features a living room with a never played piano (on left wall) and a broken grandfather clock (right wall). The curtains, rug and couch were an overwhelming floral print.

The Importance of a Red Tie in the Presidential Debate: FengShui Perspective

The Importance of a Red Tie in the Presidential Debate: Feng Shui Perspective
Have you been watching the presidential debates? The “winner”of the debate can be determined before it starts if you consider the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui teaches that we are surrounded by energy, or chi, inside and outside our bodies-and you are influenced by the energy that encircles you.
Practitioners of Feng Shui realize the positive influence of the color red.

Feng Shui Ideas to Sell Your Home:Feng Shui Services of New England

How would Feng Shui help this house sell?
I pass this beautiful home every day-twice a day while walking the dog. Simple Feng Shui adjustments will help sell this home that has been for sale for months. The issues revolve around the front door. One cannot see it clearly from the street. It is hidden from all prospective buyers. The front door is the most important areas of a home from the Feng Shui perspective. It is the place where energy enters to nourishes the home and the poeple who live in the there.
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