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Fish Tank Head Board and Feng Shui

Head of the Bed: The Feng Shui Choice
A young couple seeking feng shui guidance on buying a bed to start their life together asked about having a fish tank head board. They loved the thought of having fish and water moving all around them during the night. They wanted to know if a fish tank head board was good feng shui?
Having a new bed is a great way to start a new relationship. Having the correct bed and headboard is an important choice for the couple as it’s the foundation for the relationship.

Feng Shui: Does My Engagement Ring Have Bad Karma?

I recently had a question from a newly divorced client who wanted to offer her engagement ring to her son to give to a future daughter-in-law that she "really liked," but wondered if the ring has "bad karma." Karma can mean good or bad luck,vibes, destiny, fate or chance. In Feng Shui, we say the ring has predecessor chi-or lingering energy. Lingering energy can also be positive or negative. In this situation the energy is harmful to the couple because of the previous failed marriage.

Desk Placement:Office Feng Shui

                                  Place Your Desk For Success: Feng Shu Services of New England
Laura sent this photo asking if her desk placement was “good Feng Shui.” It was clear from the photo that her desk placement is limiting her career and harming her health. Why? For three reasons; the desk is facing the wall causing her opportunities to be limited and unhealthy because the location next to the door allows for chi to  energetically “graze” her each time the door is opened.

Fireplaces in center of home: I have a fireplace in my health area!

At a recent event where I spoke about Holistic Health and Feng Shui, I had a great feng shui question about fireplaces located in the center of a home; or in the health gua when considering the bagua. Here is the question and answer...
Question: I am purchasing a home that has a fireplace in the center of the home. How can I feng shui to keep us healthy?
Answer: Fire is a very strong energy and in some places is good feng shui. However, a fireplace in the center of your home could "heat up" health issues.
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