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[Feng Shui Services] The Feng Shui Wedding
Children and Chi: Nine Tips for a Well Balanced Bedroom
Feng Shui Tip to Start the New Year!
Fish Tank Head Board and Feng Shui
Feng Shui and Money Luck/Seet he Results of the New Year Tradition


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[Feng Shui Services] The Feng Shui Wedding

 Wedding Crashers: How to Feng Shui for Uninvited Guests  

Look out Princess Kate and Prince William, here comes Kirsten and Eric! But, unlike Kate and William, Kirsten has parents who are well versed in Feng Shui. (Eric was prescreened as a viable partner who would accept the wisdom of Feng Shui!)

Feng Shui influences were everywhere in the planning for the wedding; the date for the wedding, the choice of colors, the gifts that were chosen.  The location proved to be a surprise to everyone!

Children and Chi: Nine Tips for a Well Balanced Bedroom

Feng Shui For Children|Bedroom Energy|Ghouls

Children are being bombarded and pressured from all directions.  Media, sports, school, electronic devices, video games are striving for children's attention. In Feng Shui this is called energy, or chi. Chi can be helpful or harmful.  

However, parents can change one place in the home that will make a difference and minimize outside pressure. Growing up we played games with “ghouls” (sometimes spelled gools or goules), usually a pole or tree identified as a safe place where you could not be tagged and/or eliminated from the game.

Feng Shui Tip to Start the New Year!

Improve your luck with Feng Shui!    

Happy New Year from Feng Shui Services of New England!    

In Feng Shui the number 9 or a multiple of nine (18, 27, 36, 72, 108, and so on) is very powerful.  The number nine considered the highest number; after nine the numbers repeat. Using he power behind the number nine, Feng Shui Services of New England offers the following tip from to improve your luck in 2014.    

This year the Feng Shui inspired tip involves something we use every day, many times a day- PASSWORDS.

Fish Tank Head Board and Feng Shui

Head of the Bed: The Feng Shui Choice
A young couple seeking feng shui guidance on buying a bed to start their life together asked about having a fish tank head board. They loved the thought of having fish and water moving all around them during the night. They wanted to know if a fish tank head board was good feng shui?
Having a new bed is a great way to start a new relationship. Having the correct bed and headboard is an important choice for the couple as it’s the foundation for the relationship.

Feng Shui and Money Luck/Seet he Results of the New Year Tradition

This post is the results from the last blog posting about preparing your home for the new year. Enjoy! Send me your stories about how your money luck improved after participating in the New Year tradition to send money into the home at the start of the New Year!
It’s just got us all in awe today.
We prepared our red envelope last night and I printed out the Three Secret Reinforcements so we could do this today.  We woke up early before the kids got up, thought about the 9 ways we would go about making our goal of financial success happen and went outside before our neighbors were up.

A Feng Shui Tip to Start the New Year

Good Feng Shui: Improve your Money Luck in 2013!
Happy Holidays to you and your family. I am looking forward to 2013 because wonderful things are happening in our family-a wedding!  I hope your New Year brings health, wealth and happiness.
I want to share this wonderful family tradition that was sent to me from a student taking my Feng Shui class. It is a great example of good Feng Shui, so I am sending it to everyone who in some way is part of Feng Shui Services of New England in appreciation for your business, participation  in class or workshop-or a behind the scenes cheerleader.

Money Bag Emails:Feng Shui

Money Bags Email is SPAM!
Have your received an email saying December is a “Money Bags’ month because it has 5 Saturdays, 5 Sundays, and 5 Mondays? This is SPAM! When considering the principles of FengShui, using positive energy to balance your environment, telling the receiver of the email that if they do not sent it to their friends and family they will remain poor, is not using the constructive influence of Feng Shui. Delete this emailand do not forward it!

Feng Shui A Living Room: Before and After

"This room needs new life" was the request to the students from Interior Design Program at North Shore Community College (Danvers, MA) enrolled in the Feng Shui for Interior Design course (Spring 2012). Thisbeforepicture features a living room with a never played piano (on left wall) and a broken grandfather clock (right wall). The curtains, rug and couch were an overwhelming floral print.

The Importance of a Red Tie in the Presidential Debate: FengShui Perspective

The Importance of a Red Tie in the Presidential Debate: Feng Shui Perspective
Have you been watching the presidential debates? The “winner”of the debate can be determined before it starts if you consider the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui teaches that we are surrounded by energy, or chi, inside and outside our bodies-and you are influenced by the energy that encircles you.
Practitioners of Feng Shui realize the positive influence of the color red.

Using Feng Shui to Organize For the Health of it!

Using Feng Shui to Organize For the Health of it!
Feng shui is a Chinese science and art that has been practiced for more than 4,000 years in Eastern cultures. Over the past 20 years Feng Shui methods have become more accepted in the West. You can enjoy the benefits ofFeng Shui in your home today and improve your health, wealth and happiness.
Feng Shui has Feng shui literally means wind and water.  Wind and water is energy that circulates inthe environment clearing and nourishing our world.
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